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 Dataset IDBase IDTitleVersionLast modified
Select 11000-12D and 3D Euclidean distance matrix between plots1.7.152018-07-03
Select 12384-1Annual litterfall from 2012 to 2013 for natural and agroforestry sites at Mt. Kilimanjaro1.1.22017-04-24
Select 12383-1Annual nutrient deposition via leaf litter from 2012 to 2013 for natural and agroforestry sites at Mt. Kilimanjaro1.1.32017-04-24
Select 12420-1CP1_Grasshopper species occurrence data1.2.12018-01-26
Select 11089-1CP2_Ants_bait_data1.1.42018-07-03
Select 12443-1Canal discharge_Farmers responses1.1.72018-06-05
Select 11840-1SP1 - annual climate data averaged from 2011 to 2013 for al plots_structured1.1.12015-01-22
Select 10681-1SP1_ClimateData_PU1_Aggregated_Metadata1.0.42013-01-17
Select 10649-1SP1_ClimateData_PU1_Metadata1.0.22013-01-17
Select 10683-1SP1_ClimateData_PU2_Aggregated_Metadata1.0.32013-01-17

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• The three digits in dataset version indicate: 1. reuse times of the metadata 2. observation update times 3. metadata update times.
• If the BaseID of the dataset is not "-1", then this dataset is a view (subset) of another dataset. The BaseID is the DatasetID of the other dataset.