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KiLi Data Archive function online

Created by Jie Zhang

Created on 18.04.2018 09:47:41, last update on 18.04.2018 09:47:41.

To properly archive our datasets in a long term international data center, we have decided to transfer our validated datasets to GFBio. Now you can add missing metadata to your datasets to meet the metadata standard of GFBio.

You can find this function under Upload -> Transfer to GFBio, or simply click here: https://www.kilimanjaro.biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de/Upload/TransferToGfbio.aspx

From this page, you will find your uploaded datasets (where you are one of the authors) listed in a table.
By simply click on the link "Add missing metadata" next to the DatasetID you will go to the editing page of that dataset.

Here you can:
- update title of datasets into more descriptive comprehensive title;
- add abstract for the datasets (min 20 char, max 2000 char);
- add publications based on this dataset;
- add embargo time for data publication (default time 01.07.2020).

After clicking the submit button, you will receive a notification email about the status of your dataset. You will also see that in the dataset list table (from screenshot 1), the status of "Missing metadata added" of your dataset has updated from "N" to "Y".

Welcome to use this new function and make our data well preserved!

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