• Project Overview

The KiLi project is a German Science Foundation funded research unit (DFG research unit FOR1246) and was approved in February 2010. The research unit comprises two central projects and seven subprojects from various disciplines. The duration of the KiLi project is three years for the initial phase with the potential for a three year follow-up phase. The KiLi project studies biodiversity and ecosystem processes on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

• Study Objectives

• to assess the influence of climate and anthropogenic disturbance on biogeochemical processes and genetic,
  species and interaction diversity

• to quantify biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships along elevational gradients

• to estimate resilience and adaptive potential of natural and modified ecosystems to global change

• to examine negative feedbacks of disturbance on local climate and ecosystem processes

• to quantify temporal shifts in species distributions due to climate and land use change.

• Steering committee