• Current Projects (3rd phase):

Central Coordination Project: Management, administration and coordination of the research unit KiLi
Central data base project: Central database and communication platform of the research unit KiLi
Synthesis Project Syn1: Biodiversity and ecosystem remote sensing
Synthesis Project Syn2: Functional relationships between land-use, climate and biogeochemical cycles
Synthesis Project Syn3: Drivers and ecosystem consequences of plant community assembly
Synthesis Project Syn4: Predicting ecosystem functions from functional diversity and plant-animal interaction networks
Synthesis Project Syn5: Drivers of biodiversity and biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships along climate and land use gradients
Synthesis Project Syn6: Scientific foundations of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services

• Projects from 1st and 2nd phase:

Kili Central Project 1: Management, administration and coordination of the research unit KiLi
Kili Central Project 2: Central database, communication platform and data synthesis of the research unit KiLi
Kili Subproject 1: Climate Dynamics of the Kilimanjaro Region
Kili Subproject 2: Controls on ecosystem water use and carbon gain at Mt. Kilimanjaro – differentiation along climate gradients and with land use from the savanna to the alpine zone
Kili Subproject 3: Linking nutrient cycles, land use and biodiversity along an altitudinal gradient at Mt. Kilimanjaro
Kili Subproject 4: Plant diversity and performance in relation to climate and land use on Mt. Kilimanjaro: communities, species, populations, ecological genetics
Kili Subproject 5: Plant functional traits translated into vegetation dynamics - Responses to environmental factors and effects on ecosystem functions of the Kilimanjaro region
Kili Subproject 6: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: birds and bats as seed dispersers and arthropod predators
Kili Subproject 7: Effects of climate und land use change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of pollinators and decomposers
Kili Associate Project 1: Studies on late Quaternary environmental dynamics (vegetation, biodiversity, climate, soils, fire and human impact) on Mt. Kilimanjaro