• KiLi Central Project 1:
  Management, administration and coordination of the research unit KiLi

From 03/2010 to 07/2016

Project leader:  Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, Andreas Hemp, Markus Fischer
Project coordinator:  Claudia Hemp
Counterpart:  Victor Kakengi, Julius Keyyu, Markus Borner

The central project Z1 ensures the management, administration and coordination of the research unit KiLi. During the first phase, Z1 was responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the required research infrastructure. We successfully established the management infrastructure and the joint study design with 60 study plots and two experimental gardens, expanded the scientific stations at Nkweseko and Kidia, established transport logistics and communication infrastructure, and employed local personnel. Further, workshops and project meetings in Tanzania and Germany were organized, research permits were acquired, and close stakeholder and counterpart contacts developed. During the second phase we will continue theses activities to ensure the efficient coordination, administration and integration of the research unit. We aim to maintain the established research infrastructure with joint study sites and stations, to manage all administrative tasks including finances, accommodation, travelling, research permits and local transport, and to foster German-Tanzanian collaboration and capacity building at all levels by organising workshops and stakeholder meetings.