• Synthesis Project Syn1:
  Biodiversity and ecosystem remote sensing

From 01/11/2016 to 31/10/2018

Project leader:  Thomas Nauss, Tim Appelhans, Roland Brandl, Andreas Hemp, Andreas Huth

Syn1 synthesizes field observations on the environment, the vegetation and on various lineages of invertebrates and vertebrates across all 65 research plots in terms of comprehensive remote sensing products which provide a new monitoring and explanatory perspective for an assessment and explanation of spatial patterns in biodiversity and/or ecosystem functions. Therefore, individual key plant species and functional traits as well as more aggregated ecosystem characteristics (e.g. plant guilds, vegetation structure) and functions (e.g. biomass) will be predicted using aerial LiDAR and hyperspectral as well as satellite observations. Remote sensing information will be used both as an additional information layer on top of the field-based datasets and as a substitute for in-situ observations. Moreover, invertebrate and vertebrate assemblages will be predicted based on remotely sensed information. Differences in the prediction performance will be analysed with respect to their dependence on traits of the species or lineages in order to uncover functional dependencies between environmental properties that can be mapped by remote sensing and the occurrence, abundance or specificity of species diversity.