• Synthesis Project Syn2:
  Functional relationships between land-use, climate and biogeochemical cycles

From 01/11/2016 to 31/10/2018

Project leader:  Ralf Kiese, Yakov Kuzyakov, Andreas Huth, Dietrich Hertel, Christina Bogner

Syn2 combines synthesis of detailed field and laboratory data with process based modelling in order to provide comprehensive datasets for evaluation of impacts of climate and land use intensity on carbon, nitrogen and water cycles of Kilimanjaro ecosystems. Results from the intensively studied focal plots on above- and belowground C and nutrient pools and fluxes will be linked and extrapolated to all 65 plots. A regionalization of C and nutrient cycles at the ecosystem level will be done and will be provided for modelling approaches. Data on climate, physical and biogeochemical soil parameters and fluxes as well as vegetation characteristics and interactions will be used for initialisation and validation of the biogeochemical model LandscapeDNDC. LandscapeDNDC will be linked with the dynamic vegetation model (FORMIND-KiLi) for simulation of key ecosystem processes. Special emphasis will be given to quantifying ecosystem carbon, nitrogen and water balances including full greenhouse gas balances (CO2, CH4 and N2O) and nitrogen export to water bodies and their dependency on climate and land use intensity. This information will be aggregated and developed into novel process-based indicators of biogeochemical ecosystem characteristics (carbon, nitrogen and water), which can be used in trait analysis.