• Synthesis Project Syn3:
  Drivers and ecosystem consequences of plant community assembly

From 01/11/2016 to 31/10/2018

Project leader:   Andreas Hemp, Michael Kleyer, Markus Fischer

Syn3 will comprehensively analyse the drivers and ecosystem consequences of plant community assembly, and it will provide important plant-related information for all other synthesis projects. Based on a rich data basis compiled over the past years, and complemented by further targeted measurements, Syn3 aims at analysing effects of land use and elevation on vegetation at three synthesis levels: First, Syn3 will test the effect of elevation and land use on mechanisms of plant community assembly in terms of environmental filtering, limiting similarity, and intransitivity. Second, Syn3 will test effects of land use and elevation on the relationships between vegetation structure, plant diversity and composition, and plant-related ecosystem functions, such as biomass, carbon storage and amount of deadwood. This will also include a functional-trait approach. Third, Syn3 aims at upscaling the relationships between environmental parameters and plant variables from the 65 KiLi plots to the whole mountain scale using 1600 vegetation plots established during the last 20 years.