• Synthesis Project Syn6:
  Scientific foundations of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and
  ecosystem services

From 01/11/2016 to 31/10/2018

Project leader:   Markus Fischer, Andreas Hemp

Syn6 will synthesize all available information on the conservation and sustainable use of species, biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services. On species conservation biology, Syn6 will assess the rarity and habitat specificity of species. Based on rarity, habitat specificity, and land-cover change, Syn6 will attribute species to degrees of threat and analyse the relationship between degrees of threat and species characteristics. It will identify umbrella, indicator and flagship species. On the conservation biology of ecosystems, Syn6 will assess the conservation value of natural, disturbed and managed ecosystems, analyse the conservation implications of land-cover change, and assess measures of landscape-level conservation value. Moreover, Syn6 will assess how sustainable the use of all wild plant species and selected animal species is. On sustainable use of ecosystems and ecosystem services, Syn6 will define ecosystem-service bundles considering different stakeholder perspectives and will analyse to which degree and how stably they are provided by natural, disturbed and managed ecosystems.