• Open positions:

The KiLi project is a research unit funded by the German Science Foundation (FOR1246) and has conducted research on Mt. Kilimanjaro since 2010 assessing biodiversity and ecosystem processes along elevational gradients in both natural and human-disturbed ecosystems. For the third phase we invite applications for three postdoctoral positions for Tanzanian scientists within the following synthesis projects:

Synthesis project 2: 1 Postdoc (2 years) on nutrient and carbon management for improvement of local agricultural practices in the Mt. Kilimanjaro area:

Research within the KiLi-project has revealed strong and specific effects of land use and management on soil fertility and nutrient content. Based on existing data, recommendations with regard to organic and mineral fertilization should be developed. Further, the soil parameters will be collated with questionnaires from smallholders and local authorities and specific management scenarios should be calculated. Depending on the fertility state, the best management practices will be developed, regarding climate change scenarios and sustainable land use.

The position requires a finished PhD in Soil Science or Geoecology with strong focus on nutrient cycles and crop management and experience in field and laboratory work as well as in local agricultural practices.

Please send your electronic application to:

Prof. Dr. Yakov Kuzyakov
Dept. of Soil Science of Temperate Ecosystems,
University of Göttingen
37077 Göttingen, Germany

Synthesis project 3: 1 Postdoc (2 years) on plant community composition and plant ecosystem services on Mt. Kilimanjaro

We seek one Tanzanian postdoc to work on data synthesis and stakeholder perspectives in the context of plant community composition and its relation to plant-related ecosystem processes and ecosystem services. The position requires a strong background and PhD in plant ecology or related disciplines, and strong analysis and writing skills, as well as interest in stakeholder perspectives.

Please send your electronic application to:

Prof Dr Markus Fischer
Institute of Plant Sciences,
University of Bern
3013 Bern, Switzerland

Synthesis project 4: 1 Postdoc (2 years) on bat and bird ecology in the Kilimanjaro area

The postdoctoral researcher will work on mutualistic interaction networks involving birds and bats and their food plants (pollination, seed dispersal) in the Mt. Kilimanjaro region. He/she will also be responsible for academic and popular outreach activities in Tanzania.

The position requires a finished PhD in Ecology and a broad natural history knowledge in bats and/or birds, experience in scientific communication as well as solid statistical skills.

Please send your electronic application to:

PD Dr Marco Tschapka
Institute of Experimental Ecology,
University of Ulm
89069 Ulm, Germany

Other requirements:

• Publications in international scientific journals

• Excellent oral and written communication skills in English as well as networking skills

Salary is 1300 Euro per month and will be paid via the Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD). All positions require the presence in Germany for a total of approximately one year. The KiLi project supports equal opportunity of men and women and therefore strongly invites women to apply.

Please submit your application as a single PDF file before 31st March 2017 via e-mail to the contact person mentioned above. The PDF file must include: (1) a cover letter describing your motivation to apply, (2) a CV including a full publication list and relevant certificates, (3) a copy of your most important publication and (4) contact details of two academic referees. Please include the reference “KiLi – Tanzanian Postdoc position” in the subject line of the respective email.